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Founded in 1984, Midland Appliance has built a reputation for providing a luxury appliance shopping experience through exceptional customer service and personalized advice. Known for their attentive professionals, and commitment to quality, they strive to provide uncompromising service to builders, designers, and BC homeowners. With their reliable single and multi-family builder divisions, dedicated designer sales team, and retail appliance specialists, they have knowledgeable professionals for every project. Midland’s stylish showrooms display a wide selection of industry leading brands, premium products, and the latest in trends to inspire your dream home. With Midland, it’s a beautiful fit.

Single & Multi-Family Builder Team

Midland's Single-Family and Multi-Family Builder Account Managers are experts in the construction process of single family homes and multi family homes. They understand the importance of accuracy for trades and will go the extra mile to ensure nothing is overlooked. Midland's Builder teams immerse themselves in all projects, offering proactive service and tailored advice through every step of the process.

Connect with Midland's Builder Divisions at buildersales@midlandappliance.com.

Dedicated Designer Sales Team

Midland's Designer Sales Specialists help make a client's vision become a reality. Each home renovation project or new build is approached individually, and their specialists get involved with projects by offering custom solutions and a personalized experience. The Midland Appliance team is committed to providing the highest level of service to make the process seamless for designers and their clients. Through collaborative planning, product knowledge sessions and live cooking demonstrations, they ensure the result for the client is a beautiful fit.

Contact Midland's Designer Sales Team at designersales@midlandappliance.com.

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Finding the best contractors in Vancouver can be tough when you are looking to remodel or build your new home, but you can say goodbye to all your problems when you use HAVAN’s member directory. Our directory can help connect you with the most trusted local renovators, builders, designers, suppliers, and industry professionals. Our directory covers Vancouver from West Vancouver and North Vancouver out to Langley and Maple Ridge, down to South Surrey, Delta, Tsawwassen, and White Rock, and over to Richmond, Burnaby, Tri-Cities, and New Westminster to ensure you no longer have to hunt for contractors in Vancouver.

We know the importance of working with professionals, as they can make all the difference for your home renovation project. You should speak with professional contractors before you begin your building or renovation project, as they can help design solutions that will benefit your bottom line. It is advised to contact at least two or three contractors and get a quote from them. Provide the same information to each prospect to ensure you receive comparable information. And remember, before starting any work, whether a single-room renovation or a new custom design home, always use a contract. We recommend getting legal advice before signing any document.

Find the Leading Contractors in Vancouver

You need not worry about combing through the web and searching for contractors in Vancouver, as HAVAN’s directory features 1,100+ members who build 65% of Vancouver’s homes. Working with a professional is a smart choice to ensure the safety of your family and protecting your investment in your project. We can help you find the right contractors, designers, and builders for all kinds of building and renovation projects.

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Choosing to work with professional contractors in Vancouver is a smart choice.

  • Project Management: Managing the various sub-trades and knowing when to bring them into the project will save time and money.
  • Trade Connections: Having access to skilled workers can be a challenge as trades in Metro Vancouver are in such high demand. Professional builders/renovators/designers come with established working relationships with the trades and sub-trades. Remember, plumbing, electrical and gas upgrades all require licensed contractors by law and are not for the DIY.
  • Contractor Rates: your professional builder, renovator, or designer will have access to contractor rates, often being able to pass on savings to you.
  • Building Permits: Every municipality has building permits that must be adhered too. More than just the cost of the permit, knowing the implications of the regulations will help to define the real cost of home building/renovation project. Keep in mind that someone looking to buy your house in the future may ask about the renovation work and want verification that the work was done to code.
  • Experienced Eye: Renovating an existing structure will inevitably turn up surprises. An experienced builder/contractor/renovator/designer will bring solutions to these inevitable challenges.

Remember, successfully custom-built homes and renovations take time, resources, and expertise to achieve the desired outcome while ensuring today’s building codes are met.

Your home is one of the largest investments you will ever make. Protect yourself by working with experienced, local contractors in Vancouver that you can trust.